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Predicting Customer Activity

Grow your business and sales through tracking, reporting, and predicting customer activity.

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Our platform helps businesses increase their sales 
 by predicting customer behavior and trends.

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More Effective Selling

Generate lead lists and sales campaigns that cater to each specific customer, with personalized offers and tracked customer responses. You’ll grow sales within your current sales cycle.

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360° Customer View

Get a unified view of each customer’s activities on a single dashboard. Your sales teams will be able to personalize each individual offer for every customer.

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Predictive Behavioral Models

Our predictive analytics platform helps you engage your customers by recommending the right products at the right time. We take care of the technical details so you can focus on the selling.

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What our customers are saying

"The most exciting aspect of Canopy Labs is that I'm getting real actionable insights on how to increase revenue for our clients." Dave Louie, Director of Product at 500friends

"Any company that wants to make its decisions based on real interactions with customers should be looking to implement Canopy Labs' software." Armand Patella III, Digital Strategist at Hit Play Labs
"The platform gives us a good perspective on how we can improve our sales / marketing messages for various customer groups as well as customer service interactions with them." Warren Liao, CEO of Black Lapel

"Canopy Labs provides tremendous value in helping us to better understand how to monetize our existing subscriber-base." Mark Cohen, Head of Business Development and Analytics at